Regardless of the specific services or delivery method provided,  the overriding focus of Gehrtz Construction Services, Inc. is on providing the best value for the budget. We take responsibility for our role, we actively manage every component of the process and we have in-house expertise in every aspect of facility development.

Our early involvement in your project is critical to maximizing the success of your project and is essential in meeting this outcome. It creates interaction between costing and design early in the design process that allows the owner to make informed decisions, eliminating unfavorable surprises during construction and resulting in a quality facility that meets expectations.

"Mr. Gehrtz played a crucial role in providing pre-construction services leading up to the award of bids for both projects. He provided cost estimates for accurate budgeting for the projects, cultivated contractor interest, assisted in the bid opening, and worked closely with Fargo Public Schools administration on finalization of bid awards."

— Broc Lietz, Business Manager, Fargo Public Schools

"An area of critical importance to our school district was to create an awareness and desire from local contractors to bid our project. I do not believe there is anyone better in the Fargo-Moorhead market when it comes to knowing good reputable contractors and getting them to the table…Gehrtz Construction Services was professional, dependable and easy to communicate with."

— Mark Weston, Former Assistant Superintendent, Moorhead School District

"We could count on Gehrtz Construction Services to be on top of the construction in all areas. They kept us advised of the progress, and of any changes that might need to be made by the contractor to maintain the project’s excellent quality. They made sure everything was done in a professional manner at the highest level of craftsmanship…We found Gehrtz Construction Services very professional and easy to work with. We recommend their services without hesitation for a great result!"

— Brian Hayer, Vice President, Warner and Company Insurance

"Our project began as a $1.8 million dollar renovation. We gave GCS 120 days to complete it. Within that time, we changed our project by adding $600,000 of additional work, yet did not allow for any additional time in the schedule. GCS took on the additional challenge without hesitation and although it meant modifying their entire timeline, their challenge was invisible to us. Our project was completed right on budget…The cost-control measure that GCS implemented ensured that we had no surprises. The open communication between us and the GCS team allowed for our peace of mind, as we knew that the project was progressing according to plan."

— Lisa Monson, Former Executive Assistant, Swanson Companies, Playmakers, The Venue

"I can personally attest to Steve Gehrtz' ability to understand the client’s mission, circumstances and personnel. I can testify to his design, construction and management skills. I can pledge that he is a person of integrity and truthfulness."

— Joel Egge, Former President, Church of the Lutheran Brethren

"We were very pleased with how quickly the project was undertaken. We had an extremely short timeline and a late start on the project. GCS staff worked very hard to complete the project so it would be ready for the first day of classes, and they were amazingly successful. They were very attentive and sensitive to our needs."

— Terinne Berg, Superintendent, Park Christian School

"GCS provided on-site construction management for our elementary and high school projects and I attended several of the weekly construction meetings. I was consistently impressed with the coordination of the various contractors and the work that is needed to keep construction on schedule."

— Dale Hogie, Superintendent, Lake Park Audubon Schools