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Eventide Haugo Wellness

The Haugo Wellness Addition and interior remodeling project included multiple phases. The construction phasing allowed the project to fit within the owners financing guidelines and maintain operations within a fully occupied building. The first phase of the project was the addition the 6,200 SF Wellness Center addition and support spaces. The new Wellness Center fulfills the need for physical and occupational therapy for residents of both the attached independent and assisted living facilities as well as residents of the care center. Included in the design are residential style kitchen and bathroom spaces providing therapy spaces for those residents who will be returning to their own homes. The second phase included interior remodeling of the existing gift shop into a full service short order kitchen and serving area. Other components of the kitchen include grab and go style food selections, bulk dry food storage, and home supplies. The third phase of the project included remodeling the existing dining room and kitchen into a large group conference, staff meeting, and multi-purpose activity space. Other areas were remodeled into lounge and circulation spaces to enhance and simplify the circulation and way finding through the space. The final piece of the puzzle included furniture, fixtures, and artwork commissioned from the local art community. Artwork includes photographs and prints, and a three dimensional 20 foot suspended sculpture in the central atrium.